• Does Lewis & Clark College own the digital content on this website?

    Yes. The family of William Stafford donated all of his professional papers and associated materials. The Stafford family has been generous in granting permission for existing digital content.

  • How much material is in the physical collection of Stafford materials.

    Please see the collection description.

  • Will this site offer more features, or is this it?

    We are currently in the process of digitizing materials in the Stafford collection. We plan to add finding aids, digital content, Stafford-related curricula, online exhibits, and scholarly research to the site as it becomes available. Please visit our blog periodically to keep updated on new online content. Thanks for your patience!

  • Where are all the images and metadata stored?

    The images and metadata are housed in a local database.

  • What about the long-term preservation of the collection?

    The physical collection is housed in a secure area that is temperature and humidity controlled to optimize the lifespan of the collection. Over time we plan to keep preservation copies of digital content in a dark archives that will be periodically monitored for bit rot.

  • Who is supporting the project?

    This site has been primarily funded and supported by the Aubrey Watzek Library, and the Lewis & Clark College President?s Strategic Initiative fund. To expand and sustain the project, we are seeking funds from external sources. If you are interested in supporting the collection, let us know!

  • How do you deal with copyright issues for the images?

    All intellectual rights belong to the Estate of William Stafford. Please contact Fred Courtright at the Permissions Company (http://www.permissionscompany.com ) for permission to publish any materials from this site or the William Stafford Archives.

  • What technologies are used in the site?

    PHP, MySQL, jQuery (including the jqzoom evolution plugin by Renzi Marco).